On October 12, 2020 Broadtree announced that it has acquired Seanair Machine Co. Inc, a family-run, 63-year-old manufacturer of OEM precision machined parts for the aerospace industry. Founded in 1957, Seanair has a strong history of innovation, producing high-quality precision parts for the aerospace industry. The Company produces structural parts, flight controls, material handling, ground support, fuel systems, landing gears, wing structure parts, removable panels, and weapon-delivery components. Seanair’s long body of work includes the A-6 Intruder, EA-6B Prowler, E-2C Hawkeye, C-2A Greyhound, F-14 Tomcat, the Lunar Module, C-130 Hercules, F-16 Viper, F22 Raptor, U2 Dragon Lady, SH-60 Sea Hawk, V-22 Osprey and several classified programs. Based in Farmingdale, New York, the Company produces high-quality components in support of operational readiness and force projection of the US Armed Forces and their allies throughout the world.

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In December, 2019, Broadtree Partners acquired CanSource. Headquartered in Longmont Colorado, CanSource is one of the nation’s largest suppliers of shrink-sleeved cans to craft beverage businesses across the beer, wine, spirits, energy drinks, coffee, kombucha and CBD industries. Broadtree Partners supports CanSource’s long-term ambitions of growing their business and team, with an emphasis on serving new markets and delivering more value to current and future customers.


RedCAT Systems is a human resources software as a service provider.  This strategic investment by Broadtree Partners was completed on May 31, 2019, and was the fourth investment for the firm. The investment is intended to help our portfolio company grow through scaling its internal team and its sales organization, as well as enabling the team to continue to offer new value-added modules to its existing platform. 


In April, 2019, Broadtree Partners announced an investment in a management services organization (MSO). This strategic investment is intended to help the MSO grow its organization through targeted growth acquisitions, the continued move to value-based care, and streamlining of revenue cycle management. The investment will also help Broadtree Partners' portfolio company scale its operations both organically and inorganically.


ASAP Site Services (Jacksonville, FL) provides temporary and permanent disposal, garbage collection, demolition, portable sanitation, and storage rental services across the United States and Canada. In December 2018, Broadtree Partners completed a significant investment in ASAP Site Services. The strategic investment by Broadtree Partners is intended to help ASAP Site Services invest in technology, grow its footprint with vendors, and expand its offerings to both existing customers and new customers. Through the investment, ASAP Site Services will look to increase its footprint in many of the largest regions of the United States and Canada. ASAP Site Services will also look to add more national, regional, and local accounts into its network and increase the product and service offerings currently available.


In July, 2018, Broadtree Partners announced an investment in ListEngage. This strategic investment is intended to help the company, an award-winning Salesforce consulting partner, grow its organization to enable it to provide not only more services to its existing customers, but also to service more Salesforce customers on their path of digital transformation. The investment is intended to help the company scale its operations and provide management support to realize the growth potential of the industry.